Dr Alan March

Research Areas
Planning Theory

Design for Disasters and Bushfires

Planning Governance & Democratic Systems

Urban Design

Planning Practice



Selected Funded Research


Building Commission & DPCD - Tertiary Bushfire Course Melbourne University $100,000 in first round


Natural Disaster Resilience Grants Scheme - Climate Change Adaptation: Suitability Indices of Human Settlement Fire Vulnerability $192,000


Interdisciplinary Fund - Institutional Resilience in Bushfire Prone Areas: Learning from Experience $50,000


Alan March, Lou Harms, Brian Cook (2012-13) Sharing Responsibility for Disaster: Developing Subsidiarity Principles for Local Government.  $18k Collaborative Grant

Collaborative Research Fund with Country Fire Authority - Urban Design Principles for Reducing Bushfire Risk $40,000


Provost Grant - Professional Teaching and Learning $40,000


Country Fire Authority - Benefits of the Wildfire Management Overlay $15,000 

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