Alan March - Publications

Leon J, March A (2017) An urban form Response to Disaster Vulnerability: Examining tsunami evacuations in two Chilean Cities,  Ch 9 In “Planning for Community-Based Disaster Resilience Worldwide: Learning from Case Studies in Six Continents” (Ed) Adrenrele Awotona. Routledge. New York.    

Kornakova M, March A (2017) Activities in defendable space areas: reflections on the Wye River – Separation Creek fire. Australian Journal of Emergency Management 32 (1) 60-66.    

Legacy C, March A (2017) Bridging the theory and method nexus in planning: The potential and limits of Habermas for urban planning scholarship in Murphy, M., (Ed.) Habermas and Social Research: Between Theory and Method. Series: Routledge advances in sociology. Routledge: Oxon. 

March A, Kornakova M (2017) Urban Planning for Disaster Recovery, Elsevier, Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford.    

Kornakova M, March A (2017) The Role of Citizens in DRR Planning Exercises: when to inform or consult, International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment 8 (2) 209-222.

Kornakova M, March A, Gleeson B (2017 Online) Institutional Adjustments and Strategic Planning Action: The Case of Victorian Wildfire Planning, Planning Practice & Research 

March, A. (2016) Integrated Planning to Reduce Disaster Risks: Australia's Challenges and Prospects, Built Environment, 42 (1), 158 - 173.

Leon, J March, A (2016) An urban form response to disaster vulnerability: Improving tsunami evacuation in Iquique, Chile. Environment and Planning B 43(5) 826–847.

Nolan, E. and March, A (2016)  Remembering Participation in Planning: the case of the Princes Hill Community Garden, Australian Planner. 53 (3) 187-200.  

Stanley J, Read P, March A (2016) Submission from researchers in the ARC Linkage project, Building an Integrated System for Australian Bushfire Prevention. Legislative Council Environment and Planning Standing Committee Inquiry Into Fire Season Preparedness Bushfires Submission 28.

March A, Kornakova M, Clements, R (2016) Learning from Wye River and Separation Creek: Towards Improved Community Bushfire Safety. Safe Cities Conference. Melbourne 22 – 23 August 2016. Publisher:  Klemick, Zara

March A, Clements R,  Kornakova, M (2016) Governing Risk Reduction in the Built Environment: the Case of Victoria, Australia. International Disaster Risk Conference, Davos Switzerland. 28 August – 1st September, 2016. Chair: Amman, Walter.

Kornakova M, March A (2016) The role of defendable space as a key urban design tool for bushfire risk management.  International Urban Design Conference, Canberra 7-9 November, Canberra, Australia.

March A, Clements R, Kornakova M (2016) The Built Environment and Resilience: The Challenges of Integrated Action. Atrium 31 9-10.

Leon J, March A (2016) Taking Responsibility for Shared Responsibility: Urban Planning for Disaster Risk Reduction across Different Phases. Examining Bushfire Evacuation in Victoria, Australia. International Planning Studies

March, A., Rijal, Y. (2015) "Reducing Bushfire Risk by Planning and Design: A Professional Focus" Planning, Practice and Research 30 (1) 33-53.

March, A & Leon, J (2015) Urban Design: An Underutilized Tool for Disaster Risk Reduction? State of Australian Cities Conference  9- 11 November Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.

March, A. and Goodman, R. (2015) "Australia" in Ryser, J. and Franchini, T. (Eds) The International Manual of Planning Practice Volume VI. ISOCARP, 

De Lourdes Melo Zurita Maria, Cook Brian, Harms Louise, March Alan (2015) Towards New Disaster Governance: Subsidiarity as a Critical Tool, Environmental Policy and Governance. 25, 6 386-398. 

March A, Mattilla H (2015) Have Legal Reforms Undermined or Enhanced the Legitimacy of Planning? ReCity - 1st International City Regeneration Conference, Tampere, Finland 3-4 September.  

Kornakova M, March A, Gleeson B  (2015) Strategic action and Planning change: Regulatory Changes and Bushfire Resilience, State of Australian Cities Conference  9- 11 November Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.

March A, Dovers S (2015) Mainstreaming and Urban Planning for Disaster Risk Reduction: Australian Cases,  State of Australian Cities Conference  9- 11 November Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.

March, A (2015) Can Education Lead Policy and Research? Interdisciplinary Planning & Design for Bushfire Risk Reduction. Australian New Zealand Association of Planning Schools, ANZAPS Conference, Melbourne Australia 23-25 October. 

March A, Rijal Y (2015) Interdisciplinary Action in Urban Planning and Building for Bushfire: the Victorian Case. Australian Journal of Emergency Management.  30 (4) 11-16.

González-Mathiesen Constanza,  March A (2015 Forthcoming) Criterios de diseño y planificación resiliente a incendios forestales [Design criteria and planning for resilience to forest fires] in the Conference Ciudades en Transformación: Cambio Climático Global, Desastres Naturales y Resiliencia Urbana [Adapting Cities: Global Climatic Change, Natural Disaster and Urban Resilience]. University of the Bio-Bio, Concepcion, Chile. 

March, A (2015) "Learning from our Building" Atrium. A Pedagogical Design. 29, 14-15.

March, A., Leon, J. 2014. "A Framework for Urban Planning to Reduce Disaster Risks" AESOP Conference July 2014: Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Opie, K., March, A., Leonard, J., Newnham, G. 2014. "Indicators of Fire Vulnerability: Risk Factors in Victorian Settlements. CSIRO and Melbourne University report to the report to the Natural Disaster Resilience grants Scheme. Melbourne.

Omar, M., March, A. 2014. "Exploring Discretion as a Central Element of Urban Planning Professionalism: Evidence from English, Victorian and Dutch Statutory Planning" AESOP Conference July 2014: Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Gonzalez-Mathiesen, C., March, A. 2014. "Nine Design Features for Bushfire Risk Reduction via Urban Planning" Australian Journal of Emergency Management. 29 (3). 

March, A., Leon, J. 2014. "A Policy Analysis View of Urban Planning Changes to Improve Disaster Resilience" 7th Making Liveable Cities Conference, Kingscliffe, NSW.  

Legacy, C., March, A. Mouat, C. 2014. "Limits and potentials to deliberative engagement in highly regulated planning
systems: Norm development within fixed rules."
 Planning Theory & Practice. 15 (1) 26-40.

Leon, J., March, A. 2014. "Urban morphology as a tool for supporting tsunami rapid resilience: A case study of Talcahuano, Chile" Habitat International 43 July, 250 - 262.

Kornakova, M., March, A. 2014. "A Method for Learning Across Different Disaster Cases: Example of Urban Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction". 5th International Disaster Resilience Risk Conference, Global Risk Forum, Davos, Switzerland 24-28 August.

Kornakova, M., March, A. 2014. "A Comparative Analysis of Integrating Urban Planing and DRR: Victorian wildfires and UK Floods". 5th International Disaster Resilience Risk Conference, Global Risk Forum, Davos, Switzerland 24-28 August.

Leon, J., March, A. 2014. "An Urban Design Framework for Tsunami Evacuation Safety?: A case study of two Chilean cities." 5th International Disaster Resilience Risk Conference, Global Risk Forum, Davos, Switzerland 24-28 August.

Omar, M., March, A. 2014 "Good Design as Professional Discretion: Planning Practice Perspectives". 7th International Urban Design Conference, Adelaide, South Australia. 1-3 September.

March, A., Leon, J. 2014. "Establishing Deeper Connections between Urban Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction". AFAC14 - Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council, Wellington, New Zealand 2-5 September.  

March, A., Gleeson, B.J., Hillier, J. & MacCallum, D. (2014) ‘Integrated regulation to reduce wildfire risk in Australia,’ Using science for disaster risk reduction: report of the ISDR scientific and technical advisory group, Prevention Web,

Amman, W; March, A et al (2014) "Integrative Risk Management - The role of science, technology & practice" Outcomes Report PART I: Davos Report on Science and Technology, Education and Training, and Implementation for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) PART II: Comments on the Zero Draft of the Post 2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, Davos, Switzerland 24-29 August

Mealia, J. Shaw, J. Allen, M. Leonard, J. Bennetts, I. Kip, S. March, A (2014) Building Construction Advisory Panel: Bushfire Planning provision – VC 109 Technical Review, Final Version Report October 2014, Emergency Management Victoria and Victorian Building Authority, Melbourne, Australia.

March, A (2014) Making Space for Professionalism and Design in Disaster Risk Reduction: Wildfire in Australia as an example Tohoku Forum for Creativity: International Workshop on Implementing of Practical Disaster Risk Reduction.  International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS), Tohoku University,  Sendai, Japan 7-10 November.

March, A 2014 Risk factors in the I-zone – how can planning and design modify bushfire risk? SE Queensland Fire and Biodiversity Forum 2014 - Bushfire Planning.  South East Queensland Fire and BioDiversity Consortium 20 November    

March, A. 2014. "Deans and Heads of Schools and Entrepreneurs" The Higher Education Deans and Heads of School Conference 2014 14 and 15 April, Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour, Sydney.

March, A. 2014. "Remaking Metropolis: Global Challenges of the Urban Landscape" (Book Review) Australian Planner 51(1), 88-89.

Holland, M., March, A., Yu, J., Jenkins , A 2013. "Land Use Planning and Bushfire Risk: CFA Referrals and the February 2009 Victorian Fire Area." Urban Policy and Research 41-54.

March, A. Hurlimann, A., Robins, J. 2013. "Accreditation of Australian Urban Planners: Building Knowledge and Competence." Australian Planner, 50 (3) 233-243.

March, A., 2013. "Mind the Edge: Designing to Live with Bushfire" Atrium 24, 4-7.

Dovey, K., March, A 2013. Urban Design @ the University of Melbourne Urban Design Forum, 102 June p.2

Hurlimann A, March A, Robins  J 2013. "University curriculum development – stuck in a process and how to break free". Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management 

March, A., Groenhart, L., Buxton, M., Pelikan, M., Tran, L., 2013. "Assessing Settlement Fire Vulnerability: An exploration of place-based methods".  Stage A Report. The University of Melbourne, RMIT University, Spatial Vision; Melbourne, Australia.  

March, A 2013. Wildfire and Community: Facilitating Preparedness and Resilience by Paton and Tedim (2012) (Book Review). In Planet@Risk, 1(1): 57, Davos: Global Risk Forum GRF Davos. 

March, A 2013. "Improving Metropolitan Planning". The Voice 9 (5) 4.

March, A 2013. “Urban Planning to Modify Disaster Risks” The Emergency Management Conference 2013 – Preparing Victoria. Pullman Melbourne, Albert Park 9-10 July 2013 (Invited Paper).

March, A., & Leon, J. 2013. Urban Planning for Disaster Risk Reduction: Establishing second wave criteria Paper presented at the State of Australian Cities, Sydney, Australia.

Leon, J., & March, A. 2013. Urban Structure and Evacuation Times in a City Fringe Bushfire: Modelling three scenarios in Bendigo, Victoria. Paper presented at the State of Australian Cities, Sydney.

Omar, M., & March, A. 2013. Empowering the Professional Judgement of Planners: A study of Australian discretion in international comparison. Paper presented at the State of Australian Cities, Sydney.

Kornakova, M., & March, A. 2013. Finding Appropriate Participation in Urban Planning for Reduction of Disaster Risks Paper presented at the State of Australian Cities, Sydney.

March, A 2013 "The Right Metropolitan Plan" Sydney Morning Herald National 13 May.

March, A 2013 "Improving the Background System" Urban Design Forum 101 (1) 2.

March, A 2013 "We Need to Talk. The Planning System: How much and what type of consultation?" Planning News 39 1 18-19.
Mouat C, Legacy C, March, A 2013. "The Problem is the Solution: Testing Agonistic Theory’s Potential to Recast Intractable Planning Disputes" Urban Policy and Research.

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March, A. Groenhart, L. Leonard, J. 2012. “Human Settlement Indices for Bushfire in Australia”, International Disaster Resilience Risk Conference, Global Risk Forum, Davos, Switzerland 26-30 August. 

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March, A (2012) "Victoria Needs a Plan B to Guide Future Growth" The Age/ Sydney Morning Herald. 21 September 2012 Opinon. 

March A, 2012, "Operationalising Resilience in City Design ", in National Disaster Management Research Institute Seminar Series Ed P P Taylor (Melbourne University) 

March A, 2012, "Resilience Challenges: Place, Medium, Scale & Process ", in Carlton Connect Conference Ed P K Nugent (Melbourne University)

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March A, 2011, "Steering to a Respatialised Victorian Planning", in 3rd World Planning Schools Congress (The University of Western Australia(Perth), Perth, Western Australia) 

March A, 2011, "Submission: Victorian Planning System Ministerial Advisory Committee", (University of Melbourne, Melbourne) pp 1-3.

March A, 2011, "Successful International and Local Design Projects", in Morning Tea @ the Potter (Potter Gallery, University of Melbourne)

March A, 2011, "Swan’s splurge alone can’t fix the cracks in Infrastructure Australia " The Conversation, 13 May 2011 

March A, 2011, "Urban design to increase bushfire resilience - lessons from Australia", in 11th IDER Conference (Leopoldine, Florence, Italy) 

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March A, 2009, "Better waste disposal - Barcelona’s lessons for the transition to higher density" Urban Design Forum 87 

March A, 2009, "Melbourne @ 5 Million: Equity", in GAMUT: Melbourne @ 5 Million (University of Melbourne, Australia) 

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