Alan is an urban planner and designer. His research examines urban systems and uses theory and critical enquiry to reveal practical ways to act on matters of collective concern and sustainability. His work covers topics such as urban planning processes, urban design tools, disaster preparation, democratic governance, resilience, and the role of professional planners. He was awarded Planner of the Year in 2016 by the Victorian Planning Institute of Australia. Alan received a commendation in partnership with CSIRO from the Planning Institute of Australia in 2014 for developing new university qualifications in "Bushfire Planning and Design".

Now Available:  March, A (2012) The Democratic Plan: Analysis and Diagnosis. Ashgate 
              The Democratic Plan: Analysis and Diagnosis 
Despite ongoing technical and professional advances, urban and regional planning is often far less effective than we might hope. Conflicting approaches and variable governmental settings have undermined planning’s legitimacy and allowed its goals to be eroded and co-opted in the face of mounting challenges. Deeper organising principles for self-understanding, action and productive critique are lacking.  This book takes steps toward resolving these problems by providing a clear theoretical position to practically examine urban planning systems within democratic governance settings: the basis of planning’s legitimacy and action.  It is one of only a few analyses that bring together theoretical understandings and grounded and practical analyses of an Australian planning system. Conceptual and highly practical explanations of how and why the Victorian system does and doesn't ‘work’ are revealed. The book demonstrates how specific placed-based understandings, and meaningful comparison between planning systems, can be made using critical theory to suggest positive change.
Alan received the Planning Institute of Australia (Victoria) 2013 "Cutting Edge Research and Teaching Award" for his book "The Democratic Plan: Analysis and Diagnosis". The award is given to "a substantial ... piece of research which makes an outstanding contribution to the understanding of issues relating to urban and regional planning in Australia.... Alan March has produced an outstanding contribution to planning research in his book... a research document that is in a clear and accessible style... useful to both practitioners and theorists." 
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